Electrosensitivity UK, or ES-UK, began in 2003. It grew rapidly under Rod Read and then an enlarged group of trustees, mostly electro-sensitive themselves.

The charity has two aims: (a) to support people already electro-sensitive, and (b) to inform the public of the health risks of electro-magnetic radiation. It provides a telephone helpline, leaflets, this website with its forums, conferences and a newsletter. It helps sufferers in their relations with authorities when possible and answers media queries.

Although "el-allergy", as the Nordic classification called it in 2000, first occurred among radar and electrical workers in the 1930s, only since the 1980s, with computers, mobile phones and masts and now WiFi since 2000, has the condition spread into the general population. The World Health Organisation states that electrosensitivity is an idiopathic environmental intolerance which can be a "disabling condition" and its symptoms are “certainly real”. Medical studies now focus on the autonomic nervous system and cell membrane permeability, with calcium efflux at ion cyclotron resonance and reduced melatonin as pathways. Sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields is linked with sensitivity to noise, light and other allergens like chemicals. Electro-magnetic radiation at both extremely low frequency and, since 2011, at radio frequency is categorized by the WHO's IARC as a Class 2B carcinogen.

ES-UK works with doctors and scientists to understand more about this medical condition. Together with international scientific and medical organisations it urges the UK to follow Russia’s 1958 recognition of the long established sub-thermal adverse health effects from EMFs and replace the obsolete 6-minute heating limits of ICNIRP and the HPA with long-term biological limits. Only reduced "electrosmog" can make life tolerable for those functionally disabled by it and prevent more people being sensitized or suffering the cancers and diseases like Alzheimer’s now associated with this environmental pollution.

ES-UK posts useful information but is unable to guarantee or warrant products or services available through these links.