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Please find message below from  Lloyd Burrell

I became electrically hyper sensitive in 2002 and I’ve been raising awareness about the dangers of EMFs and sharing solutions on-line for over a decade.

But this last year has been something of a milestone because it’s the first time I’ve put ‘pen to paper’ to share a complete solution to EMFs.

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of my EMF Practical Guide.

For years people have been saying to me ‘Lloyd, how can I get your book in paperback’?

Well, I’ve finally written one (it’s available as a digital download also).

The EMF Practical Guide, is my new 290-page comprehensive book on the known and suspected effects of electromagnetic fields from everyday devices and appliances like cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, electricity on wiring, on humans, animals, and nature.

It contains over 500 references, but more importantly my new book is crammed full of clear practical solutions and insights for ALL the different categories of EMFs.

To my knowledge, nobody has written such a comprehensive resource on this topic.

It’s available on Amazon now in paperback and Kindle version.


Lloyd Burrell


Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!

EMF protection is IMPORTANT

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P.S. For the next 7 days as a special bonus to my ElectricSense subscribers I’m giving away my Cutting Edge Wholistic Health & Healing For EMFs package—a compilation of 7 cutting edge EMF/Health interviews in mp3 and transcript form. Just send your Amazon receipt to to get your downloads.

P.P.S. When you buy the book you also get access to 20+ free bonuses

Support my work: visit my EMF protection store

Lloyd Burrell

12 Jan 2020, 20:06

Infos Durbon automne 2019

Good morning all,
Our association has been working for several years in the AZB association to create a venue for people EHS – MCS. Here is the latest news:
See you soon ,
The team of the association

Association “The Earth To The EHS”
25 rue du chute
04200 Sisteron

The Earth To The EHS

11 Nov 2019, 14:17

Can you Help – URGENT

Dear All,

A friend of ours called Rachel, who is electrosensitive herself, needs someone to drive her in her own car to the Algarve in Portugal, through the Channel Tunnel leaving asap,
If you can help, please call Rachel on 01239 821123 before Sunday, 3rd November:
after Sunday call Neil 0207 561 9747.

Expenses paid include petrol, accommodation, Channel Tunnel tickets and return flights.

Accommodation in Portugal is also available on arrival.



Wed, 30 Oct, 15:07

New publication on electrical sensitivity

Here is the latest publication on electrical sensitivity:

Best wishes
from all at ES-UK


Sat, 19 Oct, 11:30

ES-UK Christmas cards

Fund Raiser – Please order your Christmas Cards for 2019 from ES-UK.

The ordering details are here for packs of 10 cards in the various designs.

Any surplus funds will be invested in new poster campaigns in 2020. 

We are very grateful to Phil Davis who supplies images for these ES-UK fund raising cards.

Best wishes
from all at ES-UK


Sat, 12 Oct, 16:29

Update from ES-UK about 5G

Dear All,

ES-UK has had its recent 5G poster campaign challenged by the ASA for misleading the public!

The correspondence, which has been addressed to the ASA and submitted, has also been added to the web site this week to rebut the challenge. See Link below:

There is also a new document posted under Resources, entitled ‘Serious Flaws in the WHO and ICNIRP claims’. See Link Below:

We do hope that you will find these papers useful.

Best wishes
from all at ES-UK


Tue, 8 Oct, 19:21

IGNIR news release: Electrosmog Quiet Zone

All ES-UK trustees supported the creation of IGNIR in 2017-18. Its chair is Dr Andrew Tresidder, a trustee of ES-UK. Any comments on the EQZ or the IGNIR Guidelines should be forwarded directly to IGNIR via the Contact link on their website:

Note from ES-UK: many of us are very well aware at ES-UK that quiet zones may still trigger ES symptoms and that the best way to remain well is to create an environment with minimal RF/ELF frequencies.

Please refer to: Press Release : Announcing the IGNR EQZ – Electrosmog quiet Zone – with its practical guideline levels.
We have agreed to share the IGNIR release with you all, to highlight how much work is being done to educate the wider population about electrosmog. Do check out if you are able and interested.

You may also be interested in :

International Guidelines on Non-Ionising Radiation


EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF-related health problems and illnesses

Best wishes
from all at ES-UK


Tue, 8 Oct, 18:48

Proposed deployment of 5G

Dear All,

You may wish to participate in this Government review about the proposed deployment of 5G. The link to the 5G poster is also attached.

Kind regards
from all at ES-UK


Thu, 26 Sep, 19:08

Stroud’s STOP 5G group and MP David Drew – on the Jeremy Vine Show! (Radio 2)

Dear friends and supporters,

Thank you again for signing and supporting our petition “Pause Stroud and Gloucestershire’s 5G Rollout IMMEDIATELY”.
We have some exciting news. The producer of the Jeremy Vine Show came up to our street stall last week, and was
so impressed with what he heard that on Wednesday they had a feature on electro-sensitivity and 5G on their show. Our
excellent and supportive MP, David Drew, was on live and spoke very well, as was Sammie, who spoke brilliantly too
(Sammie spoke at our Lansdown Hall public meeting several months ago). The details for listening are in this link
– PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE – thank you >> [being the Jeremy Vine Show link]
Start at 1 hour 35 mins 55 sec
This Jeremy Vine Show coup will really help us to get some national momentum behind the 5G campaign (his show has
several million listeners) – and it will also help us with our motion to Stroud Town Council on 5G, which Lucas Schomaker
and John Marjoram will be proposing at the next STC meeting on 2 September (7 p.m.). It would be great if you could
come along in a show of support for the motion.
On another matter, one of our members, Dr Delny Britton, has just completed a brilliant deconstruction
of the government minister’s response to June’s Westminster debate on 5G (at which David Drew spoke).
Everyone should read this document (which is in pdf form), to see the extent of government complicity in
the misinformation and duplicity that are accompanying the 5G rollout. Please email me direct for a copy
– thanks.
Finally, we’re still waiting for confirmation of dates for our next public meetings, with Dr Jeremy Naydler,
Elvis the Poet and Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe. I’ll send full details when I have them.
Thanks once again for your wonderful support! – and do drop into our street stall if you’re ever passing (Fridays and Saturdays).
Richard [for Stroud’s Stop 5G Group]
P.S. We’re really trying to get more people to sign the latest government website petition on 5G. If we can get this up to 100,000
signatories, there’ll have to be a debate in Parliament. Some 145 people from Stroud constituency have signed it so far – which means that
hundreds of you haven’t signed it! We’d be so grateful if you would both sign it and also share the link far and wide with your friends etc.
– thank you. Web-searching on “government petition 5G” will bring it up; many thanks.

Richard [for Stroud's Stop 5G Group]

Mon, 19 Aug, 21:53

Side-effects of living near 5G towers in Geneva Switzerland – testimonial

Please find article below By Dr. Bob Morr (EMF researcher

This article talks about the real danger of 5G technology and side effects that people experience in Geneva.

Sideeffects of living near 5G towers in Geneva Switzerland – testimonial

Best wishes
from all at ES-UK


Wed, 14 Aug, 19:46

ES Social 24th August Reminder

ES Social taking place on 24th August 2019 in East Sussex.

We meet up every year to discuss what has changed and how you are managing your exposure and what is new in your daily challenge?

The ES Social is purely that: a chance to meet up with similar like minded people and the chance to walk through the countryside and have lunch locally.

Tickets available for £23 from

Please pay by cheque payable to ES-UK and send to BM Box ES-UK,. London WC1N 3XX
or pay by Pay pal:

Best wishes
from all at ES-UK


Wed, 14 Aug, 19:35