On 30 June 2016 the municipality of Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, near Barcelona, Spain, with the support of the mayor and other political groups, approved each one of the points of the motion presented by PSCT (Plataforma Stop Comptadors Telegestionables) to stop the installation of smart meters in the town, with many residents opposing the change from analogue to digital. Two of the points approved were: 1) to stop installing smart meters in a city already very polluted with RF, and 2) to replace the ones already changed with the old analogue ones. This is a big step in a country highly permissive to wireless companies and with high RF limits in comparison with other parts of Europe and the world. Well done to PSCT and the brave mayor and city councillors for working against all odds and standing up for people’s rights. (Report from Carlos Galiano on behalf of his wife Montserrat López Mestres, 2 July 2016.)