For all people sensitised by electromagnetic fields and radiation.


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  1. Doctors’ Letters and Diagnosis of ES, EHS and EPh
    1. ES GP patient letter Jun 20
    2. ES letter psych paper engineers Nov 2018
    3. Diagnosis of ES, EHS and Electrophobia-2018
    4. Electrosensitivity Briefing v6 Aug 2020
    5. Culture Technology and Radiofrequency Effects July 20
  2. Information and Research on ES and EHS
    1. ES-UK Information Leaflet
    2. Tresidder and Bevington-ES-chapter 47-2015 [CRC Press © 2015, chapter 47, “Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine”, 2nd Edition, Ed Paul Rosch, Reproduced with the permission of Taylor & Francis Group, LLC]
    3. Selected ES and EHS Studies-2018
    4. ES, EHS and EPh-Facts and Falsehoods
    5. Key Studies on ES and EHS
    6. Links for 15 Studies
    7. Unscientific attitudes to Electrosensitivity (ES) and Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS)
    8. Electrosensitivity – Key Facts
    9. ES, EHS: Key Facts: Non-thermal Science & Disability
    10. Proof of EHS beyond all reasonable doubt
    11. Electrosensitivity – Overview
    12. Seizures and RFR EMF Sensitivity
  3. Radiation Safety Guidelines and Action Needed
    1. IGNIR January 2021
    2. RF Radiation Safety Limits
    3. RF Spectral Flux Density – Jansky
    4. Importance of Biological not Heating Guidelines
    5. Injuries from Wireless Radiation-Action Needed
    6. Serious flaws in the WHO & ICNIRP claims on 5G and RF wireless radiation
    7. Majority-Viewpoint and Minority-Viewpoint Guidelines, and Non-Thermal Effects
    8. Critique of ICNIRP’s defence of Mobile Phones
    9. Critique of WHO’s defence of Mobile Phones
    10. Factual proof against the unscientific claims of lobbyists following ICNIRP
    11. ICNIRP Guidelines-Unscientific and Not Protective
  4. Help for ES and EHS on lifestyle
    1. Self-Help for People with Electro Sensitivity symptoms Aug.2018
    2. Articles on ES and Health-2010 and 2011
    3. IGNIR-see Supplement 1
    4. California Cell Phone Guidance-2017
    5. Shielding from EMFs and RFR
      B Faraday Cage
      C Copper Mesh Faraday Cage
    6. Shielding Introduction
    7. Electrosensitivity: Tips for Reducing EMF Exposure, by Graham Arthur.
  5. Commercial resources for ES and EHS
    1. ES Directory Spring 2024
  6. Disability resources: Health & Safety, Equality Act, ESA, JSA, pensions, schools, workplaces etc.
    1. Disability Letter-General-2019Feb
    2. Disability Letter-Work-2018October
    3. Disability Letter-Child at School-2018October
    4. Disability ICD-10 codes, ICF Func.Disab-2018
    5. Disability & EHS-some organisations-2018
    6. ESA,JSA,Ill health pensions-2018
    7. JAN-ES Accommodations-2015
    8. Notes by a claimant with EHS for Universal Credit
    9. EHS Tip Sheet-Peterborough-2018
    10. ES, EHS: Key Facts: Non-thermal Science & Disability
    11. Accessibility for people disabled by ES and EHS
    12. ES/EHS, Legal Matters and Early Retirement
  7. Housing Letter for people with EHS
    1. Housing Needs EHS Letter-2018October
  8. Public Health Resources: Local Authority, Planning, Toxic Substances
    1. PublicHealth-respons.ofLocalAuth-2019
    2. PublicHealth-Mob.PhoneMasts & PlanPol-2019
    3. PublicHealth-Wifi dangers-2018
    4. PHE and EHS-2014
    5. Councils, Phone Masts and Improving Public Health-2020
  9. Accountability form for EM risk assessment
    1. Statement of Accountability
    2. Certificate of Responsibility
  10. Letter of concern
    1. Template for letter of concern
  11. Devices causing specific ES and EHS symptoms
    1. CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights)
      1. Health effects from EMFs of CFLs-2010
      2. Ill Health from CFLs-2012
    2. Smart Meters
      1. Ill Health from wireless Smart Meters-2012
      2. Wireless Smart Meters & people with ES-2012
    3. Wifi
      1. Ill Health from Wi-Fi-2012
    4. TETRA
      1. TETRA and ill health.pdf
    5. Wireless Hearing Aids
      1. Wireless Hearing Aids and ill health.pdf
    6. 5G
      1. 5G ES UK information leaflet.pdf
      2. 5G Radiation-Health Injuries
      3. ES-UK response to the 5G DCMS consultation
      4. JLC note for Camden Council-October 14 2019
      5. 5G Technology Demands Precautionary Approach-2020
    7. Wind Turbines, Ultrasound
      1. Wind Turbines
      2. Ultrasound
  12. Posters
    1. How safe is your phone? To order 5 posters, please make a £5.75 donation towards printing and postage and email your address to: Mailings will take 5-10 days, by second class mail.
    2. Why risk your health with Wi-Fi?
    3. Worth the risk? It’s your call. This poster can be used outside the UK. Please contact ES-UK.
    4. How safe is 5G? This poster can be used outside the UK. Please contact ES-UK.
    5. Precautions for Radio Frequency Radiation
  13. Electrosensitivity and other ill health
    1. Electrosensitivity and Coronavirus
  14. The difference between non-ionising and ionising radiation, DNA damage and the causes of cancer
    1. Prof.Henshaw-Non-ionising radiation quantum energy fallacy
  15. WHO, ICNIRP, Ofcom, DHSC and PHE-UKHSA
    1. Ofcom’s Growing Health Challenge
    2. Letter to Health Secretary, DHSC Reply, with Comments, January 2022
    3. WHO and ICNIRP – 75 studies on Electrosensitivity
  16. Videos and animations
    1. Video Animation on Electrosensitivity – How do radio frequency radiation and electromagnetic fields affect human beings?
    2. Does Radiation from Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi Affect Human Health?
  17. Internet, fibre and wired telephones
    1. Wired or Corded Telephone Handsets and Fibre