For all people sensitised by electromagnetic fields and radiation.


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1. Dr Andrew Tresidder’s Letter to Doctors (2 pages, March 2016)

2. Dr Andrew Tresidder’s Letter to Doctors and Psychiatrists (8 pages, November 2017)

3. Dr Andrew Tresidder and Michael Bevington: “Electrosensitivity: Sources, Symptoms and Solutions”
Chapter 47 from “Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine”, 2nd Edition, Ed Paul Rosch, CRC Press. The whole book can be obtained from:
CRC Press © 2015, chapter 47 by Andrew Tresidder and Michael Bevington and from the book entitled Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine, Second Edition. Reproduced with the permission of Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, a division of Informa plc and exclusive distributor of this CRC Press title.

4. RF Radiation Safety Limits

5. RF Spectral Flux Density – Jansky.

6. Disability Discrimination and Equality Letter

7. Housing letter
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Housing needs and Gold Band or Urgent priority.

8. California Cell Phone Guidance

9. Health Effects from the Electromagnetic Fields of Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs)

10. ES Directory (8 pages of resources and commercial contacts, entirely edited and written by people who are not trustees of ES-UK)

11. Ill Health (EMR) from CFLs