For all people sensitised by electromagnetic fields and radiation.


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  1. Doctors’ Letters and Diagnosis of ES, EHS and EPh
    1. GP patient letter, 2 pages-Nov.2018
    2. GP letter to doctors and psychiatrists, 8 pages, November 2017
    3. Diagnosis of ES, EHS and Electrophobia-2018
  2. Information and Research on ES and EHS
    1. ES-UK Information Leaflet-2018
    2. Tresidder and Bevington-ES-chapter 47-2015 [CRC Press © 2015, chapter 47, “Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine”, 2nd Edition, Ed Paul Rosch, Reproduced with the permission of Taylor & Francis Group, LLC]
    3. Selected ES and EHS Studies-2018
  3. Radiation Safety Guidelines
    1. IGNIR-Guidelines-Issue-1.1-Oct.2018
    2. RF Radiation Safety Limits
    3. RF Spectral Flux Density – Jansky
    4. Importance of Biological not Heating Guidelines
  4. Help for ES and EHS on lifestyle
    1. Self-Help for People with Electro Sensitivity symptoms Aug.2018
    2. Articles on ES and Health-2010 and 2011
    3. IGNIR-see Supplement 1
    4. California Cell Phone Guidance-2017
  5. Commercial resources for ES and EHS
    1. ES Directory-2017
  6. Disability resources: Health & Safety, Equality Act, ESA, JSA, pensions, schools, workplaces etc.
    1. Disability Letter-General-2018October
    2. Disability Letter-Work-2018October
    3. Disability Letter-Child at School-2018October
    4. Disability ICD-10 codes, ICF Func.Disab-2018
    5. Disability & EHS-some organisations-2018
    6. ESA,JSA,Ill health pensions-2018
    7. JAN-ES Accommodations-2015
  7. Housing Letter for people with EHS
    1. Housing Needs EHS Letter-2018October
  8. Public Health Resources: Local Authority, Planning, Toxic Substances
    1. PublicHealth-respons.ofLocalAuth-2018
    2. PublicHealth-Mob.PhoneMasts & PlanPol-2018
    3. PublicHealth-Wifi dangers-2018
    4. PHE and EHS-2014
  9. Accountability form for EM risk assessment
    1. Statement of Accountability
  10. Letter of concern
    1. Template for letter of concern
  11. Devices causing specific ES and EHS symptoms
    1. CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights)
      1. Health effects from EMFs of CFLs-2010
      2. Ill Health from CFLs-2012
    2. Smart Meters
      1. Ill Health from wireless Smart Meters-2012
      2. Wireless Smart Meters & people with ES-2012
    3. Wifi
      1. Ill Health from Wi-Fi-2012
    4. TETRA
      1. TETRA and ill health.pdf